SIAHA, 15 August, 2020 - The 74th Indian Independence Day was celebrated by MADC on its own for the first time in history at MADC complex, Siaha today. A selected few invitees were called to attend the event and such invitees and officials arrived the venue at 9:30 AM. Amongst the special invitees were former cabinet minister of Mizoram, former CEMs, EMs & MDCs, political leaders, NGO leaders, Church leaders, besides existing EMs, MDCs and a handful of officials. In order to avoid the spread of Covid-19, the general public have not been invited to the ceremonial function. The chief guest Puhpa N. Zakhai, CEM arrived the MADC complex at sharp 10:00AM and unfurled the National Flag. It was followed by playing of National Anthem.


Here are the highlights of Puhpa N. Zakhai's Speech on this occasion:-


In his maiden speech at the ceremonial function to mark the 74th Independence Day, Puhpa N. Zakhai, CEM addressed all the citizens residing in the Mara Autonomous District and congratulated them on attaining freedom from the British rule 74 years ago. Taking advantage of being the chief guest, he praised the contributions of freedom fighters in liberating India from the foreign rule and providing space to grow at fast pace. The entire nation remember their services and salute them today. 


He also paid tribute to all those who are on the frontlines in the fight against Covid-19 in Siaha district. He expressed his deep gratitude to District and all Local Level Task Force, leaders of NGOs and others for their selfless efforts and determination to combat the pandemic. Their cooperation during this fight is remarkable.


He specially mentioned the name of Mr. Nelson K. Beizachhi of Khopai village, who had passed away while on duty to prevent the spread of covid-19 near the international border. We highly appreciate and will always remember his sacrifice for the nation. He expressed his gratitude to heavenly God  for not loosing even a single live of the people of Siaha district in such a harsh situation around the globe.


He mentioned some few remarkable achievements for the development and progress of Mara Autonomous District and its people during a short span of their 3 years in power. He conveyed his happiness to his colleagues, members of district council and officials for ensuring remarkable progress and cooperation. He also urged them to continue their tireless efforts to bring about tremendous change for the betterment of the people.


Puhpa N. Zakhai emphasised the need to show unity and oneness amongst the people of Maraland in protecting and preserving our interests and dignity. There have been several attempts to assimilate the people of the 3 Autonomous District Councils in Mizoram and to diminish the status of our political institutions. But such attempts will never ever succeed. It is the aspirations of all the people of the 3 Autonomous District Councils to have greater autonomy and financial empowerment. We assure that we will persistently pursue the dreams and aspirations of our people to come true despite several difficulties.


The 74th Independence Day was celebrated separately by MADC as a result of non-inclusion of leaders of the District Councils in the Warrant of Precedence issued by the Government of Mizoram.



Information & Public Relations Department

Mara Autonomous District Council