The duties of Executive Committee of the Mara Autonomous District Council are similar to those of the Cabinet of the State.


The head of the Executive Committee is Chief Executive Member (CEM).  CEM is elected by majority votes by the Council in Session and such election is to be approved by the Governor of the State.


The Chief Executive Member then nominates Members of the Executive Committee from amongst the members of the Council. The Executive Committee remains in Office as long as they enjoy the majority support of Members of the Council.


Departments under the Executive Committee:


To administer the various functions as envisaged under the Sixth Schedule to the Indian Constitution, the Mara Autonomous District Council has created the following Departments:


1. Agriculture & Horticulture

2. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary

3. Art & Culture

4. Co-operation

5. Environment & Forest

6. Finance & Accounts

7. Fisheries

8. General Administration & Control

9. Horticulture

10. Industries

11. Information & Public Information

12. Land Revenue, Settlement & Taxation

13. Law & Judicial

14. Legislative ( + Library)

15.  Local Administration

16. Minor Irrigation

17. Planning & Programme Implementation

18. Public Health Engineering

19. Public Works

20. Relief & Rehabilitation

21. Rural Development

22. School Education (Adult Education, BSE, Hindi Propagation, Statistic)

23. Sericulture

24. Soil & Water Conservation

25. Social Welfare

26. Sports & Youth Services

27. Transport Department

28. Vigilance Department 


(The Mara Autonomous District Council (Transaction Of Business) Rules, 2011)