Name :   Puhpa Beihu Nôhro

Designation:   Deputy Chief Whip
Mara Autonomous District Council

Constituency:  11 Tipa 11

Party Name :  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Number of terms elected to MDC:   1 Term

Email Address :  

Father’s Name:  N. Laiih

Mother’s Name :  Mangkili

Brothers  (with full name):  

1. N. Lalrodinga 

2. N. Beihlosa 

3. N. Lalrammuana

Sisters  (with full name) : 

1. N. Fawnveli  

2. N. Dintharmawii

Date of Birth:   15th June 1968

 Place of Birth:  Tipa ‘V’

 Marital Status:   Married

Date of Marriage:  2nd December 1997

Spouse’s Name:  Lalzahawmi

No. of  Son (with full name):   N. Beingachha

No. of  Daughters  (with full name):  

1. N. Lalthawmmawii 

2. N. Beinosia 

3. N. Beinozi 

4. N. Lalhriatkimi

 Educational  Qualification:  BA

 Profession :   

 Permanent Address:   TipaD-11, Siaha District.

 Present Address:   College Vaih VC-111 Area, Siaha.

 Special Interests :   

Church  Activities :  

Machâ, Ex. Local Secretary, T. Cannan – Tipa, Ex- KTP Secretary & President.

 Activities in NGO :

 Other Information  (if any) :    

 Mobile Number:  9362860170

 WhatsApp  Number:    9362860170

 Phone Landline (O) :   

 Phone Landline (R) :